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Description Curator: Tali Kayam

Participating artists: Meital Katz-Minerbo, Assaf Abutbul, Tal Rosen Eliezer, Elinor Sam

The exhibition aloe ''vera'' brings together four artists who research the body through the use of flora. A large part of the exhibition will be created during opening night. Throughout the evening, the artists will invite viewers to partake in three performative actions:

Elinor Sahm will offer visitors the chance to plant the seeds of love in an artichoke field. The ancient Greeks and Romans believed the artichoke was the plant of love. Those in the audience wishing for romantic love in their lives will be guided by Elinor in creating figurines symbolizing their emotion. The figurines will then be planted in artichokes made with plastic spoons marked with kabala letters linking these objects to the Jewish tradition. As the evening progresses artichoke flowerbeds of pining and longing will appear and fill the space.

Tal Rosen is developing a work based on methods of extracting the Aloe Vera core from its leaves. On opening night, Rosen will invite the spectators to touch this transparent slimy substance while taking an active roll in the peeling and producing process.

The vernissage will conclude with a collaboration between Meital Katz - Minerbo and Assaf Abutbul creating a multi channeled sound installation; the space will appear as a realm of exposed fear, pain and suffering which we daily try to conceal. Viewers will be invited to linger in the space while Katz – Minerbo and Abutbul bring it to life with movements and tones.

**The event will take place between 6pm – 10pm. Some of the performative actions are durational and will occur throughout the evening. Meital Katz – Minerbo and Assaf Abutbul's performance will take place in the final hour.**
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Tickets Vila, Gallery of Contemporary Art, Emuna College, 104 Derech Beit Lehem Thursday, 08/03/2018 Time: 18:00-22:00 • Entrance free of charge
Event Time 18:00
Event Date 08/03/2018
Venue villa - Michlelt Emoona