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Ulpan Beit Ha'am

Uplan Beit Ha'am, located in the Jerusalem city center, is the biggest and oldest Ulpan in Jerusalem. The Ulpan offers a range of levels for learning Hebrew, from beginner's level to advanced learner's level, in a pleasant atmosphere using progressive learning methods.

Connect Jerusalem

Jerusalem’s new joint project of the Jewish Agency for Israel and the Jerusalem Municipal Absorption Authority. A youth center that offers services for education, employment, entrepreneurial initiatives and social connectivity for veteran and new young Jerusalem adults.

Absorbing Neighborhoods

Many neighborhoods are spread throughout the city. Each one has something else to offer. A tour or a place to live.

It's time to study

Jerusalem has many options to choose from, a myriad of academic institutions throughout the city in almost every field imaginable.

Absorption centers

Absorption centers are places where new olim to Jerusalem can receive personal attention, advice and guidance throughout all stages of their aliyah. They are conveniently located throughout the neighborhoods of Jerusalem to facilitate easy access for immigrants seeking assistance.

Ulpanim (Hebrew Language Instruction)

Jerusalem offers immigrants a wide range of Hebrew language instruction studios/ulpans. The classes are offered at various levels, times of day and for a wide variety of age groups.


Jerusalem is host to industrial parks and to many advanced technology companies. You are invited to come and be impressed by the myriad high-tech fields currently blossoming in Jerusalem.

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