Nurit Katzir Jerusalem Theater Center

Nurit Katzir Jerusalem Theater Center
The Nurit Katzir Jerusalem Theater Center was established in 1978, at the initiative of the fourth President of the State of Israel, Prof. Ephraim Katzir, and his wife, the late Mrs. Nina Katzir, in memory of their daughter Nurit.

Nurit Katzir 10.12.66 – 19.6.43

The Nurit Katzir Jerusalem Theater Center is managed by the Jerusalem Municipality Arts Division. It serves as a home and a center for all amateurs involved in drama and theater in Israel.

In recent years, drama has been increasingly pressed into the service of education and society. We join this process by developing several frameworks for providing the tools and methods of drama and theater. The center holds a variety of theater workshops for different groups.

Children: ''The Children's Drama Center''

''The Children's Drama Center'' is for participants between the ages 9 to 14.
They learn the theoretical aspects of acting through the use of imagery games, music, improvisation, working with the dramatic text, stories, movement, and so forth. The center employs top-level professional instructors. The children in the workshops learn how to use theater-related methods to become acquainted with their inner selves and develop their imagination and creativity while building their self-confidence.

Youth: ''Teen Stage'' – The Central Youth Theater

''Teen Stage'' is the central youth theater of the Jerusalem Municipality and the focal point for theatrical activities for adolescents from all sectors of the city's population. The center has been the springboard for many men and women who are now active as professional actors, artistes, instructors, and teachers of theater arts.

''Teen Stage'' features studio work focused on developing the tools of the theater, such as fundamentals of acting, working on character and text, voice, and movement. The theater puts on classic, original and innovative productions, working with several professional directors who enable teenagers to get exposure to a wide variety of theatrical approaches.

Adults: ''The Jerusalem Amateur Stage''

''The Jerusalem Amateur Stage'' is a theater group for adults between the ages of 20 and 60. Participants are exposed to the experience of learning acting theory, are given tools which help actors work on themselves, cope with working on a character, learn how to approach various texts and plays, and then perform on stage.

About 400 participants learn at the center on a weekly basis; 4,000 more benefit from its services and special activities throughout the year.
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