Special Activities

Special Activities
New in Jerusalem!!
An English speakers children's Theatre workshop
Sundays 17:00-18:30
With Mel Brickman
Cost: 2350 NIS per year

activities at the Center, we provide the general public of theater consumers with various services and initiatives:
Within the framework of the wide range of

A library with approximately 3,000 plays – Israeli, original, classic, modern and other plays, including rare and special works. The library provides professional advice and guidance to students, teachers, drama coaches, and directors. Services are offered by a librarian who is an expert on plays for various ages and sectors.

''Jerusalem Festival of Arts''
The ''Jerusalem Festival of Arts'' takes place in March every year. It is a colorful celebration of dance, theatrical and musical performances, which provides a professional stage to selected groups from Jerusalem and Israel.

The festival was inaugurated in 2001 at the initiative of the Arts Division of the Jerusalem Municipality. The lively carnival of artistic creativity with more than 50 troupes performs in a variety of theater stages in Jerusalem.

The festival provides a stage for groups practicing in a variety of arts and opens its gates to the general public at affordable prices. It is a center of rich cultural activity.

Israeli Amateur Theater Groups
Adult amateur theater groups in Israel consists of approximately 1,000 theater groups operating in various frameworks, such as community centers, municipal centers, kibbutzim and so forth. The Nurit Katzir Jerusalem Municipal Theater Center has taken on the task of mapping all these groups and setting up a network of activities for establishing contact between the groups.

Theater Workshops Weekend
This weekend of enrichment workshops for adults provides a unique opportunity for the members of Israel's amateur theater troupes to meet in an inspiring learning environment. For an entire weekend, actors have the opportunity to get away from the daily routine and participate in top-quality professional workshops that upgrade and improve their knowledge of the theater.