International Activities

International Activities
The Nurit Katzir Municipal Theater Center represents Israel's amateur theater groups in the following international organizations:

AITA / IATA – Amateur International Theatre Association

AITA / IATA is an international organization for amateur theater groups. Its members include over 100,000 amateur troupes active in some 80 countries. The association is actively involved in organizing major international festivals and offers its sponsorship to hundreds of national and local festivals.

CEC – (Central European Committee)

EDERED – European Drama Encounters

EDERED was founded in 1985 at the initiative of Mr. Hugh Lovegrove of Britain, who chose drama as the main theme for annual encounters of adolescents and/or children from all over Europe. The purpose of these encounters is to provide an opportunity for creative and experiential cooperation among adolescents and/or children from various cultures and countries, with an emphasis on creative openness, mutual respect, and equal opportunity.

The annual encounters take place in a different country every year. Each country sends approximately 10 participants, a youth counselor, and the theater director. Each encounter is attended by representatives from about 20 countries. The participants divide up to attend several workshops that bring together people from several nations. At the end of a two-week process of dramatic work with two directors from different countries, each workshop demonstrates its work processes in the closing performance, in which all 200 participants in the encounter take part.

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