Connect Jerusalem

Connect Jerusalem
Connect Jerusalem is a joint project of the Jerusalem Municipal Absorption Authority and Tzeirim Bamerkaz (Center for Young Adults in Jerusalem). Our two core missions are to provide one-stop-shop services for new Olim and educational tour participants in between the ages of 20-35. As well as to provide opportunities for connections between Olim, Israelis, and tourists through group activities and social events to get to know “young Jerusalem”.

Our programs cover a wide range of services such as, writing resumes in Hebrew, consulting a lawyer before signing a contract for an apartment, financial workshops, assistance with evaluating diplomas from other countries, and finding the best place for you to live in Jerusalem from people who live in Jerusalem.

We also have group social cultural activities such as, a Classical Ensemble for music lovers, DramaAmerica a theatre group for Spanish speakers, RJerusalem a group of active Russian speakers, a Pub Crawl for young adults and more cultural events.

Since its founding, in 2013, Connect Jerusalem has strived to help young Olim, young Jerusalem adults, and educational tourists through services for education, employment, entrepreneurial initiatives, and social connectivity. By assisting young Olim through these services, Connect Jerusalem has contributed to the successful absorption and increased connectivity of Jerusalems youth.

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Tzeirim Bamerkaz,
Shivtei Yisrael Street, 22
Musrara, Jerusalem