Glossary - Communities Absorbing Olim

Glossary - Communities Absorbing Olim
Commercial, Health, and Public Services:
Hatachana Harishona - The First Station entertainment complex
Kupat Holim / Kupot Holim - Health fund/s: Clalit, Leumit, Maccabi, and Meuhedet
matnas / matnasim - Community center/s
Minhal Kehilati - Community Council
Olim – Immigrants
Park Hamesila - The Train Track Park
shikun / shikunim - Housing constructed in 1950s-1960s, usually rows of blocs with various entrances/stairwells
Mahane Yehuda shuk - The Mahane Yehuda market
Tipat Halav - Well-baby clinic, mainly for infants and toddlers

Daycare networks:

Educational Frameworks and Youth Movements:
Ariel - Religious youth movement
Bais Yaakov – Preschools/schools/seminaries for Haredi girls
Bnei Akiva – Religious youth movement
Chabad – School system of Chabad (Lubavitch Chassidic movement)
cheder / chederim - Boys' preschool, elementary-level Haredi framework/s
Ezra – Religious youth movement
Haredi – Schools of the Ultra-Orthodox
Hanoar Haoved Vehalomed – Secular youth movement
Hashomer Hatzair - Secular youth movement
Hatzofim/Dati'im – Scouts youth movement, secular or religious
Keshet – Network of pluralistic schools, belonging to Mamalachti Dati with religious and secular students learning together
kollel / kollelim – Full-time program/s of advanced Talmudic studies
Mamlachti – Non-religious public preschools or schools
Mamlachti Dati – Religious Zionist public preschools or schools, also known by its abbreviation – Mamad
Mamlachti Dati Torani – Religious Zionist public schools with additional hours of Torah studies and an enriched religious environment, known also as Chardal
Mechina – Post-high school army preparatory program
NOAM - Youth movement of the Masorti Movement
ORT - Science and technology educational network
shiur / shiurim - Class/classes, usually Torah-study
Shuvu - Education network, founded for Russian immigrants
TALI - Acronym of Tigbur Limudei Yahadut, network of Mamlachti schools with pluralistic Jewish Studies program
Talmud Torah / Talmudei Torah - Elementary school/s for boys, usually Haredi
TELEM - Youth movement of the Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism
Torani - See Mamlachti Dati Torani
Ulpan - School/institute of intensive study of Hebrew
Ulpana - Religious Zionist high school for girls
yeshiva / yeshivot - Institution/s for studying Torah and Talmudic texts
yeshiva ketana - School for 14-17-year olds, focuses on Jewish studies
yeshiva tichonit - Religious Zionist high school for boys

Religious groups/services/terms:Ashkenazi - Most Jews originating in Germany and Eastern Europe
Beit Knesset – Synagogue
Breslov - A Chassidic movement
Chabad - Known also as Lubavitch, a large Chassidic movement
Chassidish - Following a Chassidic lifestyle, as contrasted to Litvish
chesed - Loving-kindness, refers often to communal frameworks that help others
Daf Yomi - Daily study program of Talmud
Dati Leumi - National Religious (religious-Zionist)
Dati Leumi Torani - Refers to strict religious practice, with a Zionist outlook
daven / davening - Pray/praying
Eidot Hamizrach - General term for Jews from many non-Ashkenazic backgrounds (Yemen, North Africa, Middle East, republics in FSU)
Garin Torani - group of religious-Zionist individuals/families tryingto effect social and religious development in communities
gemach / gemachim - Acronym, free-loan fund/s, loaning moneyor a variety of items
Haredi / Haredim - Ultra-Orthodox Jew/s – made up of many streams
Kehilla - Community
Kotel - The Western Wall
Litvish - Refers to Ashkenazic Jews, usually Haredi, following non-Chassidish lifestyle
Masorti - The Israeli version of the Conservative Movement in Israel
mikvah / mikvaot - Ritual bath/s
minyan / minyanim - Quorum/s of 10 men for praying
N'shei - Women's auxiliary group, in Haredi communities
nusach / nusachim - Style/s of prayer, according to area and custom
Sephardi - Jews of Spanish or Portuguese descent; also general term for Mid-Eastern Jews
Shabbatot - Sabbaths
Shtiblach - Small synagogue
shul / shuls - Synagogue/s

Other:Derech - Road Kever -
Kever - Tomb
Rehov - Street
Sderot - Boulevard
Tzomet - Junction