Why Live in Jerusalem?

Why Live in Jerusalem?
There are so many reasons to choose Jerusalem as your home – here are the most salient. As the list is probably endless, I invite you to submit your own. Welcome to the city that, more than any other, is at the heart of the Jewish nation!

1. The Heart of the Jewish People
Jerusalem is the capital of the State of Israel, and the spiritual capital of the Jewish People. It is Israel's largest city in terms of both land mass and population (home to 12% of Israel's population).

2. The Heart of Mankind
There is no city in the world that, over the course of three millennia, has enjoyed such a rich history doubled with a modern-day vibrancy. All monotheistic religions have a claim upon Jerusalem and as the nexus point of the Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Persian, Greek, and Roman civilizations, Jerusalem holds a prominent position in the history of mankind.

3. Quality Education
No other city offers as much educational variety – every type of stream, and depth – specialized tracks of learning – as does Jerusalem: 450 schools, 500 preschools, and 15 universities, colleges, and higher academic centers attracting students from all over Israel and across the globe.

4. International Flavor
As the capital of Israel, Jerusalem houses the Knesset, Supreme Court, President's office, Government ministries, Bank of Israel, and many government agencies. International diplomats and government officials are joined by hundreds of foreign journalists imbuing Jerusalem with a dynamic international rhythm.

5. Convenient and Accessible
Jerusalem is in the center of the country and is accessible to the south, north, and coast via bus and train, and a number of major highways, including Highway 6. The city's light rail system and its integration with the local bus system has transformed the city into a model mass transit city that also cares about being environmentally friendly. Information stands facilitate local bus connections. When the Jerusalem-Tel Aviv rail will be completed in 2017, it will take less than 30 minutes to reach Tel Aviv!

6. Employment-friendly
Jerusalem has a position that fits your professional training. Jerusalem offers wide-ranging employment opportunities in high-tech, biotechnology, medical and para-professional fields, academia, culture and the arts, media and communications, public services, and just about any other field or profession. The many programs encouraging entrepreneurship have helped increase new opportunities in the city.

7. Olim-friendly
No other city absorbs as many olim as Jerusalem. In addition to services offered to all olim at the Ministry of Immigrant Absorption, the Municipality of Jerusalem operates 14 neighborhood absorption points offering services and guidance to new olim. Plus, the city's Community Absorption Program, provides enhanced assistance for new olim and their families.

8. English-friendly
Jerusalem absorbs more English-speaking olim than any other city – over the years 20,000+ and growing. The English-speaking community is active and involved (several English speakers serve on the City Council).

9. Cultural Haven with Diversity
Jerusalem is home to over 70 museums and historical sites, 15 theaters, concert and art centers, over 30 libraries and 29 cultural centers. Due to its history, architecture, and diverse population, a Jerusalem resident can feel like a tourist while meandering through the city's neighborhoods – both in the center or the suburbs. Each neighborhood has its own flavor.

10. Children-friendly
Jerusalem is a wonderland for children with tens of parks and playgrounds and hundreds of activities throughout the year. The network of matnasim (community centers) offers a large variety of educational and recreational opportunities.

11. Entrepreneur-friendly
The Municipality and other organizations encourage entrepreneurialism among residents making available financial assistance and guidance for establishing or expanding businesses. The number of new start-ups are increasing every year.

12. Student-friendly
More than 40,000 university and college students are living here, among them the largest number of doctoral students in life sciences. The center of Jerusalem is becoming a hub for the study of art. The city looks to the students as the key to its future, and has put together packages of incentives, including cross-registering in courses offered by several academic institutions, and financial assistance for tuition and housing to students studying in Jerusalem.

13. A Giving City
Residents of Jerusalem have a strong sense of solidarity and community. It is a city of volunteerism, serving as home to hundreds of NGOs and enjoying the help and resources of thousands of volunteers, activities, and community groups involved in just about every issue. Many young retirees find great satisfaction in finding a contributing role in Jerusalem.

Akiva Werber
Project Director
Olim from English-Speaking Countries