Volunteering in Jerusalem

Volunteering in Jerusalem
The Unit for Volunteer Services of the Jerusalem Municipality provides a comprehensive platform for volunteering in the city in the following ways:

• coordinating placements for residents looking to volunteer in their own neighborhoods
• enabling connections with the many and varied organizations throughout the city that accept volunteers
• providing training and insurance for all new volunteers

There are over 40,000 volunteers in Jerusalem, involved in every aspect of society, such as supporting at-risk youth, visiting the elderly and disabled, distributing food parcels to the needy, initiating activities in the local hospitals and senior citizens facilities, providing supplementary teaching and after-school activities, leading sports and cultural programs, and being active in their local community centers.

From this brief list, it is clear that the options are plentiful. The Volunteer Unit welcomes and encourages the new immigrant to see volunteering as an opportunity to get to know Israeli society and to take an active role in the community. It is well-known that immigrants from English-speaking countries have a long tradition of volunteering and activism in their communities. Volunteers tend to be alert to needs in the community and thus often become pioneers for new services and lobbyists for new legislation.

As for the normal fears of branching out in a new language, our large database lists the many wonderful opportunities to volunteer in English, while also using the volunteer experience as a way to improve your Hebrew!

Volunteerism is very much a part of the Israeli ethic. It seems that Israelis have taken to heart the question posed by a Jewish sage long ago: ''If I look out for myself only, what kind of a person am I?''

You are invited to call our office at 02–6297003 and talk to our professional staff in order to find the right placement for you. We look forward to hearing from you!

Good luck and welcome to Jerusalem!

Nicky Crigor
Unit for Volunteer Services
Jerusalem Municipality
Website: hitnadvut.jerusalem.muni.il