Academic City

Academic City
In recent years, the development of Jerusalem is not going unnoticed by students from all over Israel and overseas who choose to study in one of the many fine academic frameworks in the city. The Academic City initiative was started in 2008 by the Jerusalem Development Authority, the Ministry of Jerusalem and Diaspora Affairs and the Jerusalem Municipality. Its main goal is to create a unique learning experience in the city in cooperation with various academic institutions.

Academic City aims to increase the number of students learning in Jerusalem, as well as empowering them to impact on the character of the city. Among its services and incentives:

- Financial incentives for students in Jerusalem, including grants and subsidized rentals
- The ''Osim Shechuna'' (''making a neighborhood'') project – students live in certain neighborhoods, become involved in their renewal, and receive a grant of up to 10,000 shekels
- Wealth of cultural and entertainment in various cultural venues – with significant discounts for students
- Opportunities for students to contribute to the community, on campus, and throughout the city
- Professional internship and employment experience in the field of study
- Option to study elective courses in more than one academic institution – without extra cost.

More projects are underway. By marketing academic institutions, and by providing incentives and services unique to students, there has been a substantial increase in the number of students learning in Jerusalem – from 39,000 students in 2008 to 43,000 students in 2013.